2-phase expression technology consistently led to let-down and maintained this mama's milk supply; pump parts stay clean; multiple power options; portable; several bag options


Suction speed and strength cannot be set independently; not as powerful when run on batteries

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Pump In Style

Pumping might be one of the less glamorous parts of raising a baby if you choose to breastfeed. One thing is certain, however: having a breast pump that keeps up your supply and reduces stress and frustration is key to achieving your personal breastfeeding goals, especially if you are away from baby for significant periods of time. Over the course of a year, I tested two popular double-electric breast pumps: Medela's Pump in Style Advanced and the Hygeia Enjoye. I pumped three to five times a day for nine months while I worked full time outside of the house, using the Pump in Style Advanced, and used the Enjoye at home. I found the Pump in Style Advanced consistently and significantly outperformed the Enjoye on nearly all fronts, leading me to rely on the former much more heavily than the latter. Read on to hear why. 

Description & Features

The Medela Pump in Style Advanced is a double-electric breastpump designed for moms who pump several times a day every day. This portable pump comes with your choice of three styles of microfiber bags that all offer discreet carrying and storage of the pump and parts: the On-the-Go Tote, the Backpack, and the Metro Bag.


I opted for the On-the-Go Tote bag option and was glad I did. I work in an office setting among professionals, so I needed a bag that looked smart, didn't draw attention, and completely hid my pump. The Medela Pump in Style Advanced's On-the-Go Tote bag was large enough to hold the cooler and all accessories that came with the pump, as well as plenty of personal items (a bottle of soap, hand sanitizer, my wallet, make-up/toiletries, a snack, and a water bottle). In addition to the main storage compartment, the bag offers a number of exterior pockets and bottle holders. The micro fiber cloth of the bag was easy to wipe down on the rare occasions that I dripped a bit of milk on it. Also, the bag's zippered front flap that hides the face of the pump provided quick set up and packing up before and after pumping sessions. 

The Pump in Style Advanced has an integrated motor and a single knob that adjusts speed and suction. The pump features Medela's unique 2-Phase Expression technology and a one-touch let-down button (both further explained below). All parts of the pump that touch breastmilk are made without BPA. All three bag options come with four 5-ounce bottles and lids, a removable cooler bag with contoured ice pack that holds the four bottles, a 9-volt AC power adapter, a battery pack (without batteries), all tubes and pump parts to operate the pump, and  two 24 mm breast shields (additional sizes sold separately). The On-the-Go Tote is approximately 15 inches wide (at the top of the tote), 11 inches tall, and 6 inches deep. The pump itself is approximately 5 inches wide by 4 inches tall by 4 inches deep. Without the packaging, the On-the-Go Tote version weighs just over 6 pounds including the pump and all of parts that come with the bag. A vehicle lighter adapter designed for this pump is available as an optional acccessory.

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