We are the proud parents of a Little One who, like most babies, has grown up faster than her parents could have imagined, seemingly changing by the week! With all of the emotion and uncertainty that comes with becoming parents, we found researching and picking gear for our baby to be daunting, and at times overwhelming.  As our baby grew, we looked for a website that would allow us to easily find baby gear by the age of our growing baby. On top of that, we wanted the website to only recommend products that really performed well and were a good value—things that friends would recommend to each other. Instead, we found lots of websites that didn't distinguish which products worked best for which ages, and offered many variations of the same product types—including worst, mediocre, and better, not just best—frustratingly taking up lots of our time.

When we didn't find a website that provided information in a way that we thought made sense, we set our hearts and minds on founding Baby Buyer's Guru to help others effortlessly find quality gear to grow with the tiny loved ones in their lives. Ari had already built up a popular technology review website, The Tech Buyers Guru, which he had launched in 2013.  With Ari's experience building and managing a product review website, our combined experience writing in other careers, and our enthusiasm for sharing what gear you do (and don't) need for baby, we got to work (after our daughter started sleeping through the night, of course!).

Through this website, we share our personal knowledge and experience—in other words, what we had to learn through trial and error.  We hope that by only recommending baby gear gems and by allowing you to start your product search by either age or product type, you will easily find gear that fits your baby's particular stage of life—and have fun while doing it!  The philosophy behind the website is that you don't need to spend lots of valuable time reading about twenty kinds of strollers, diaper pails, and bottles—you just need to read about the best options for baby at his or her age.  We hope you enjoy using Baby Buyer's Guru (our non-human labor of love), and that it saves you time, money, and—if you're a parent—some of your sanity!

Special thanks to the multi-talened Yoshini White for her beautiful web design and original artwork used throughout this site, and thanks also to Alex Mueller of and Chad Carbert for all the master coding that brought the site online!  

We'd love to hear from our readers reagaring products you've tried, or suggestions for how to make Baby Buyer's Guru an even more useful resource. Just contact us at or

Take care, and enjoy each moment with the little ones in your lives.

Ari and Rachele Altman